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Latest News

March 2016 - Jan Gough-Watson - Australian Volunteer
It's been wonderful to have Jan Gough-Watson back to share her vast experience training our teacher Chamroeun at Tuol Sambo.

January - December 2014
Soooo much MORE was happening!!!

December 2014 - Wayne Sparks - Australian Volunteer
We welcome Wayne Sparks from Australia to the village schools. The students loved his lessons and energy in the classroom.

November 2014 - Ashika - Australian Volunteer
Our Australian volunteer, Ashika has returned AGAIN!

October 2014 - 3rd Annual Gravenhurst Bridge Seminar and Cambodian Fundraiser
Our 3rd Annual Gravenhurst Cambodian Fundraiser on October 2nd raised $7,200.00! GREAT work by Linda Harrison and her team, Carolyne and Kelly.

February 2014 - Terry and Katrina from 2020studios Have ARRIVED!
Their first visit to Cambodia in 2005, resulted in raising awareness of the landmine issue in Cambodia with their gallery of photos: 'Living With Landmines'. Their return to Cambodia on February 21st, 2014, will see them travel into the remote villages of Battambang province for 2-3 weeks with AMFW board member Lisa McCoy and her local team.

February 2014 - Patti Lee and her husband, Marty Arrive!
Patti Lee and her husband, Marty (who travelled from Canada), visited the BLT Schools that are supported by her and Barbara Seagram.

February 2014 - Australian Volunteer, Neroli Suriajaya Arrives
We welcome Neroli as a volunteer at the Prokeab and Bakot schools for 5 weeks. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students and teachers.

February 2014 - White Dove Weaving Centre
Many scarves have been successfully produced and the well has been installed!

January 2014 - Rotary Wheels for Learning
Rotarians arrived in Cambodia to begin the team's three-week mission of distributing 1,333 Rotary Wheels for Learning Bicycles to Cambodian school children!

January 2014 - BLT Charity Draw - Organized by Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram
Both Banyan Learning Tree Schools and A Mine Free World Foundation would like to THANK EVERYONE who participated in this fundraiser! The real winners are our schools and the children, but the winners of the draw are...

January 2014 - White Dove Weaving Centre
The 6 women are being trained by 2 skilled teachers. Three of the women received bicycles as their homes are many miles away from the centre. Project coordinated by Ban Ven, A Mine Free World Foundation and Banyan Learning Tree.

December 2013 - Banyan Learning Tree Weaving Centre - COMPLETED!
Within 8 days, the international team of 22 adults participating in a Round Square Leadership Training Program, have completed building the White Dove Weaving Centre in rural Takeo, Cambodia. The Weaving Centre will benefit 6 rural women who will begin learning the skill of loom weaving in early January 2014.

November 2013 - Toronto Area Rotarians Visit Takeo
A group of Toronto Area Rotarians came to Takeo to visit projects supported by the Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) www, and A Mine Free World Foundation (AMFW) They visited landmine survivors, Youen Sambat and Ek Kruel who were trained in sustainable farming and chicken rearing by Ven Ban. A visit followed to the Banyan Learning Tree (BLT) school "Happy Gecko" to meet the students and enjoy a delicious lunch cooked by teacher, Phearom.

November 2013 - Barbara Seagram Fundraising Seminar @ the Niagara Falls Regional Bridge Tournament.
From 7:15pm - 9:15pm, attendees enjoyed the "Take More Tricks... Improve Your Declarer Play" seminar. All money raised (every dime) goes directly to Banyan Learning Tree schools in Cambodia. Thank you to all who supported the bridge seminar fundraiser.

October 2013 - Jan Gough-Watson - Australian Volunteer
A big thank you to Jan Gough-Watson who has arrived from Australia for a SECOND time to volunteer at the Banyan Learning Tree schools.

October 2013 - Honu Dawson - Australian Volunteer
Our Australian volunter, Honu is enjoying spending time with the kindergarten classes. She is going to be in Cambodia for a couple months!

September 2013 - 2nd Annual Gravenhurst Bridge Seminar and Game Fundraiser
Both Banyan Learning Tree Schools and A Mine Free World Foundation would like to THANK EVERYONE who attended the Second Annual Fundraising All-day Bridge Event held September 26, with North American Bridge Masters Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee.

August 2013 - Ashika - Australian Volunteer
Our Australian volunteer, Ashika went into the village on August 4, and assisted with classes and education in first aid, health and hygiene for the village women and children. Not only is Ashika a mom of 7, but also is a nurse!

June 2013 - Bridge Seminar and Game Fundraiser with Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram
North American Bridge Masters Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram held another successful fundraiser. The event was held June 14, at the Habonim Synagogue in Toronto. Attendees also enjoyed participating in the Silent Auction and being recipients of many Door Prizes.

May 2013 - Banyan Learning Tree Weaving Centre and Toilet to be Built
The Banyan Learning Tree Weaving Centre will be built by the Leaders in Training group (from RSIS) at the old "Big Love School" site not far from Banyan Learning Tree School, consisting of a 6m x 8m brick and cement one-room building with metal roof, having one door and 8 windows. It will also include a one-stall toilet building with a metal roof.

April 2013 - Banyan Learning Trees's NEW and FIRST Outpost School
The beginning of April, 2013, Banyan Learning Tree opened the doors of its first Outpost School located in the heart of the village of Toul Sambo, Sangkat Prey Veng, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

March 2013 - Tuk Tuk Audio Guided Tours of Phnom Penh - with Sophea Keo
Sophea is an English-Speaking Tuk Tuk Taxi Driver who has the FIRST tuk tuk in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, equipped with a sound system! Tours and airport pick-up / drop-off available!

March 2013 - Ella and Charlie from Australia visit with the students at the Banyan Learning Tree Schools!
They even taught a lesson to the students and had alot of fun going to different villages and seeing how the children in Cambodia live.

March 2013 - Barbara Seagram Teaches Fun-Packed English Lessons at Banyan Learning Tree School in Phnom Penh
We have to say that Barbara Seagram teaches English just as amazingly as she teaches Bridge. What a fun-packed day we had a Banyan Learning Tree School! Barbara will also also be 'teaching' at the two Banyan Learning Tree Schools in Takeo.

March 2013 - Bikes given to students at Happy Gecko by RoundSquare Students
30 more children in villages around Happy Gecko have received bikes thanks to the generosity of RoundSquare students!

February 2013 - 21 Ontario Rotarians & Friends distributed 65 bicycles to needy students at BLT, Phnom Penh
The team also distributed 65 mosquito nets, dental supplies and made a special donation of eyeglasses to the Childrens Surgical Hospital in Phnom Penh.

January 2013 -The Family Care Centre (FCC) Has Run Its First Course
Socheat taught a 5 day course on health and hygiene for some village women. This covered child health, basic hygiene and pregnancy issues.

December 2012 - FIVE Landmine Surviours to Begin 3-Month CLMF Agricultural Course in January 2013
A Mine Free World Foundation and Banyan Learning Tree Members visited the homes of five landmine survivors that have been chosen to begin a 3-month Chicken-Rearing and Agriculture Training Course starting January, 2013.

December 2012 - RSIS Cambodia Project: Round Square 2012 Student Team
The 2012 Round Square students and their leaders have arrived to build the 2-room Family Care Centre. The team's first few days in Cambodia were spent visiting many of Phnom Penh's cultural highlights including Choeung Ek Killing Fields, the Genocide Museum, People Improvement Centre's school and orphanage near the garbage dump, Banyan Learning Tree School, Wat Phnom. Follow their progress!

December 2012 - Round Square student team builds "Dan's Playground" in Takeo province, Cambodia
The Round Square Student Team completes construction of their secondary project - a playground for area children built in memory of Dan Blix. Many Thanks to family and friends of Dan Blix of Gravenhurst, Ontario, for their donations towards a joyous, lasting tribute celebrating Dan's life. Here at the Brighter Beginnings school in Prokeab village, Takeo province, children laugh and play at a newly-constructed playground (jungle gym) erected in Dan's honor. The playground includes ladders, bridge and fireman's pole. One more piece of equipment is yet to be added. Many thanks to the team of international students from Round Square and engineer, Phearom Noun for donating their efforts towards the gym's construction. For years, Dan had donated his time and talents to improve the lives of the children, impoverished and landmine-affected of Cambodia - his legacy carries on through the laughter and joy provided to countless children at this playground. Project conducted with much love by A Mine Free World Foundation View Photos

November 2012 - Three New Village Schools Open
We opened 3 schools this month, the original school in Phnom Penh has been rebuilt, thanks to the funding efforts of Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram and the group of bridge players in Toronto and area. It is a dream to have these schools all completed and ready for the students. On March 1st our schools and libraries opened at Bakot and Prokeab villages. So much has happened since the Roundsquare teams arrived at the beginning of December 2011 to build the schools.

November 2012 - New Teacher
Pon Chamroen has been a volunteer at the Phnom Penh school since March and now is a salaried teacher.

November 2012 - New Tuk Tuk
As our Phnom Penh school is on the outskirts of the city there are students from the poor outlying villages who are unable to travel to our school. We have now purchased a tuk tuk that will transport 20 students each trip and of course they're quite excited about the new mode of transport.

November 2012 -Jan Gough-Watson - Australian Volunteer
A big thank you to Jan Gough-Watson who has arrived from Australia to volunteer in the classrooms for one week. We welcome volunteers as not only the students but the teachers also benefit from working with a native English speaker to help with their pronounciation.

November 2012 - 3rd Seminar and Bridge Game Seminar
The beautiful Rosedale Golf Club in Toronto was the site for the third bridge day to raise money to re-build the school in Cambodia near Phnom Pehn. Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee again co-chaired the event. The first was held in Toronto on June 24th, raised $9,365.00. The second was held in Chatham on Saturday, August 27th, raised $5,500.00!

September 2012 - Seminar and Bridge Game Fundraiser
North American Bridge Masters Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee came to Muskoka to give their one of their famed all-day Bridge Seminars. This was a Muskoka First for them!

September 2012 - Partners Bridge Club Fundraiser
A Duplicate Bridge Game and a Silent Auction, run by Enid Roitman, was held September 23rd, by the Partners Bridge Club in Toronto, ON. Ninety-six bridge players participated in the fundraiser, making it a HUGE success.

August 2012 - 2nd Seminar and Bridge Game Fundraiser
Chatham, Ontario was the location for a wonderful Bridge Fundraiser on Saturday, August 27th. This event raised over $5,500 to help build the Banyan Learning Tree School outside of Phnom Pehn!

June 2012 - 1st Seminar and Bridge Game Fundraiser
Patti and Barbara are pleased to announce that their Cambodian Fundraiser Seminar & Bridge Game held on Thursday, June 14 in Toronto, has raised $17,670!!!

March 2012 - Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram Attend Opening Ceremony
At BLT School in Phnom Penh, on March 29, we were happy to welcome Patti Lee & Barbara Seagram, who, travelled from Toronto, Canada for the opening ceremony of their funded school. Their amazing fundraising efforts enable BLT to build 2 classrooms, library, office and accommodation on the site of the original one room school View Photos. Also, it is with thanks to KTV5 Cambodia for their kind permission to allow us to publish this TV news item (YouTube).

March 2012 - Heak Chhek's House Rebuilt
While attending Ban Ven's Agricultural & Chicken-Rearing Course in April 2012, his house burned to the ground in a very desolate area of Takeo Province. He had just completed the construction of his home the month before and all the family had left were the cooking pots.

March 2012 - Agricultural Project for Landmine Survivors
Ban Ven has been training 5 men who are survivors from landmine incidents in agriculture and chicken rearing. The course is made possible by funding from Canadian Landmine Foundation. They will stay with Ban for 3 months to receive instruction on pesticide-free farming, composting, natural fertilizers, and all aspects of chicken-rearing including incubation, vaccinations and feed-mixing.

March 2012 - Naomi Davine - Australian Volunteer
She has been fantastic!

December 2011 - RoundSquare Student and Adult Volunteers Build 2 Schools
The students were at the Prokeab location while the adults were located at the Bakot school-building location. 24 students and a leaders training group from around the world, arrived in Cambodia in early December and along with building the TWO one-room cement schools there, they fenced in the huge Banyan Learning Tree Centre sites and gave them both brand new secure gates. They ALL worked hard to complete these projects along with the local labor and ourselves, but they were able to cool off with fresh, clean water at the new well JUST installed onsite.
View RS Documentary (38mins)   /   View Student Photo Gallery   /   View Adult Photo Gallery

August 2011 - Rotary Wheels for Learning / Rotary Club of Gravenhurst
In the spring of 2011, students at St. Brigid Catholic School in Toronto held a pizza fundraiser - they raised enough money to provide 19 children from Banyan Learning Tree (BLT) School in Cambodia with Rotary Wheels for Learning. On behalf of the Banyan Learning Tree, staff and students, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude of thanks for your donation to help the poor students in the suburb of Phnom Penh, enabling them to come to school through the Bike Bank Project.

August 2011 - ACBL Bridge Game and Cell Phone Check
The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) held a large bridge tournament this summer in Toronto, Ontario, that attracted players from all over the world. The local organizing committee nominated the Banyan School in Cambodia as their charity.

May 2011 - Land has been purchased in Prokeab and Bakot villages preparation for a one room school to be built at each location. The project will be built and funded by Round Square Organization,, who will bring students from various countries to complete this project assisted by local volunteers.

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