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Student Activities
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BLT - Bakot

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April 2016: Khmer New Year

Enjoying a celebration for Khmer New Year.

The students at Banyan Learning Tree's schools, Phnom Sampov, Battambang enjoying a celebration for Khmer New Year.

The students enjoyed playing musical chairs, blowing up balloons, sack races, tug-o-war, and games with the clay pots, and of course lunch!!

Thanks to our wonderful teacher, Sokun, for the great photos and organizing the fun.

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February 2015
Barbara Seagram, our wonderful supporter from The Bridge Club in Toronto, has been here for 10 days to visit all the projects they support. We visited Prokeab and Bakot schools in Takeo and also Tuol Sambo, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.

Banyan Learning Tree - Outpost School in Tuol Sambo village

Barbara had great fun, with the help of her friend Leslie Cadaeu, teaching classes and distributing toothbrushes and supplies to all the classes.

Banyan Learning Tree - Outpost School in Tuol Sambo villageDecember 2014
Pauline, Sophea and Lisa spent the afternoon at Banyan Learning Tree's Outpost School in Tuol Sambo village. Families here were relocated from Phnom Penh. Many are AIDS-affected families.

Banyan Learning Tree - Outpost School in Tuol Sambo village

What a fantastic School, Teacher Chamroeun has going here! He has a class in the morning and two in the afternoon and they are filled with really eager children!

Chamroeun is a vibrant, happy teacher and really has to be commended - he loves to teach. The students here have exceptional pronunciation.

We had a great time participating in the classes.

You should be really proud of supporting this school - it really is making a difference - such happy children.

December 2014
Our teachers at 'Happy Gecko' Bakot Village, Lek Theara and Phok Savy, with their students. We welcome Savy to the BLT team as the new librarian, she will also teach beginner English lessons

Teachers at Happy Gecko - New Librarian

November 2014
Some of the students at Prokeab school. They always arrive an hour early for classes to play in the school grounds. It can be very noisy some days!
Students at Brighter Beginnings-Prokeab

September 2013
New kindergarten class at Banyan Learning Tree school, in Phnom Penh.

August 2013
During the vacation period, Socheat Chea, a teacher at the Brighter Beginnings BLT School in Takeo held two classes for three months teaching math, problem solving and exercise to local students who will be in Grades 5 & 6 next year. More than 50 students attended and received schools supplies.

The Calogero and Luke Puma Library is opened 4 hours a day (1:30 pm to 4:30 pm) / 5 days per week.

Two days a week, students listen to / and read English story books with the librarian or the brave students.

The courageous students receive a 'token of thanks for helping', such as a pen, book or coloured pencils. Students are enjoying the Khmer stories and playing games. Their favourite activity is puzzles. These classes are held in the library (3 days for English - 2 days for Khmer). The English classes held in the library are focused towards the children who don't know anything about the english alphabet as well as struggling to understand clearly in Khmer.

March 2013
Bikes given to students at Happy Gecko - 30 more children in villages around Happy Gecko have received bikes thanks to the generosity of RoundSquare students! Continued...

December 2012
Once again the Embracelet® students, spent an afternoon with the students from RoundSquare who were in Cambodia building a Family Care Centre Building at the Banyan Learning Tree Brighter Beginnings School site in Prokeab, Takeo.

March 2012
Pauline Johns and Lisa, plus our special guests Robin and Claire from Australia, made a special trip to the Takeo village of Trapeang Thum in Takeo district and were amazed by the creativity of our group of 10 women and one boy enrolled in the 'Embracelets'© Program there.

Embracelets©November 2011
Intercultural Fun and Creativity! It has been a busy season for our Embracelet Students. They spent two afternoons bracelet weaving with students and adults from the Round Square organization who were here in Cambodia building a school in Takeo province. Our Cambodian women did not know how to speak English, but a great time and lots of laughs was had by all as they spent time weaving together. Seven of the students have now received educational and occupational support detailed in this album.

Many Thanks to everyone who supports this ongoing program through the purchase of a bracelet - especially Rotary Clubs in Ontario, Canada!

A special thanks to Round Square, Socheat Chea (Program Manager) and Bill and Dora Rathbun for their support.

New rural women and girls have been added to the program and will start March 2012.

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